The Footprint Trust is a charity based on the Isle of Wight, we help people in a number of ways. We have been around since 2002, and have assisted thousands of people and helped the local environment too.

Worried about your fuel bills?

Every year we assist some 2,500 people on low income to cut their energy usage, which saves them around £200 and reduces their carbon footprint. In total £500,000 savings to people on Isle of Wight every year, removing the need to make choices between heating and eating.
We can also help reduce your fuel and water debt, obtain grants and help you switch to a cheaper supplier.

Book a free home energy visit today by emailing visits@footprint-trust.co.uk or by calling us on 01983 822282. You can also contact us via Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t understand your fuel and water bills?

If the whole thing of fuel bills is confusing to you, and you are worried about putting on appliances, then you need our Monergy workouts. These free workshops last less than an hour, and give you skills to understand your bills, and the real cost of running appliances etc…
Book a place on a Monergy workshop today, or get your Family Centre, school, or church to book us up!

Want to get insulated?

We know of the latest government and industry schemes to get grant-funded insulation for your home.

Boiler Grants?

In certain cases grant-funded boilers may be made available.

The other things we do…

All of the above measures may not only reduce your fuel and water bills, but also reduce your impact on our planet. If you would like to know about our other work, then have a look around our website.

You might wish to come along to our annual Riverfest event on Newport Quay, or become a Recycling Champion or a Community Warden.

Look out for our children’s pond dipping events!

Contact by emailing ray@footprint-trust.co.uk or Tel (01983) 822282. You can also contact us via Facebook and Twitter.


The Data Protection rules have changed, and The Footprint Trust charity has complied with the General Data Protection Regulations that came into force in May 2018. If you wish The Footprint Trust to delete your personal data as held on our files (telephone, mobile, email, address and any organisation info) please contact us to request deletion. Alternatively, if any of your details have changed and you would like them updated, in either case please email info@footprint-trust.co.uk or call 01983 822282.