What is the The Footprint Trust?

The Footprint Trust Ltd is a registered charity based on the Isle of Wight — founded in 2002. We are dedicated to working with the Island’s community to promote the benefits of sustainable living. This is achieved through practical projects and activities that raise awareness of all the relevant issues – demonstrating the idea of acting locally and thinking globally.

Spread over these pages is information about the charity, its aims, objectives and roles, along with practical information.

This collection of information is designed to help you understand more about the way in which we can all help in reducing the “footprint” of the Isle of Wight, and by doing so help make our environment a better place.

We believe in helping people and the planet. We are at the forefront in the fight against fuel poverty on the Isle of Wight, working with our partners in Islehelp. We are recognised locally and nationally for our work in improving the environment and helping our community. HM The Queen bestowed on the charity the Queen’s Awards for Voluntary Service, the MBE for charities, in recognition of our work.

You can get involved in a little or a big way — reducing the amount of rubbish you throw away, driving less and more carefully, insulating your home, growing some of your own food and installing a waterbutt. You could become an Energetic Champion, become a Pond or Cemetery Warden or help out at Newport Riverfest…

Whilst others talk about helping the community and the environment we deliver action, thanks to the support of hundreds of keen individuals who assist us in our work. Thousands of Islanders have benefited from our projects, through reduced energy and water bills, along with other local practical projects.

Everyone knows that in order to have a better environment they need to do their bit, but just what can you do? To make it easy for you, we have cut out the jargon and put it in everyday English! The environment needs your help, spend a few minutes reading how you can save your planet, and your money!

If you want specific information or want to get involved then please do not hesitate to contact us at ray@footprint-trust.co.uk or leave a message on 01983 82-22-82. If you would like to make a donation towards our work in fighting fuel poverty, or of our other projects, then please do have a chat with us. You can Donate here

To find out about footprinting, click here.

The Footprint Trust is funded & supported by a number of grant-making bodies, businesses and individuals. We are always looking for new opportunities to work with new partners on the Isle of Wight and in other parts of the world.


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The Footprint Trust featured in the June 2010 issue of Island Business Magazine. You can listen to Ray in their video talking more about what the Footprint Trust does.


The Footprint Trust has a very good relationship with the media. We are available for comment on all environmental issues ranging from recycling to the budget. Our expertise cover a number of subjects including, water and energy efficiency, sustainable living, ecological footprinting, renewable energy and green consumer issues.

Our spokesman Ray Harrington-Vail, has some twenty years experience in the environmental field and has worked in the commercial, voluntary and local authority sectors.

Editors and journalists should contact Ray on 01983 822282
or email ray@footprint-trust.co.uk

Ray Harrington-Vail – General Manager of the Footprint Trust – is an NEA National Heat Hero.

Ray Harrington-Vail – General Manager of the Footprint Trust – is an NEA National Heat Hero.