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Business Waste

Trust to help tackle Business waste

“Waste, and its disposal, is an ongoing problem, and with the success in recycling household rubbish on the Island, the impact of commercial waste is of growing importance. It now forms two thirds of all waste, and 90% of it goes straight to landfill” says Don Roe of the Footprint Trust.

The Isle of Wight Council is taking a lead on reducing commercial waste and has started work, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, to produce a Business Waste Strategy. The aim is to reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal and to improve business profitability. This project will also take the opportunity to advise on the more efficient use of materials, water and energy, as well as waste minimisation.

The first piece of work is a detailed survey to identify the volumes and types of commercial waste generated on the Island. This work is being carried out by the Footprint Trust, a local environmental charity, in co-operation with major waste companies on the Island.

A wide range of commercial organisations are being asked to complete a survey form showing what, and how much, they throw away.

If you manage an organisation which produces waste, and you have not already been asked, please take a few minutes to complete a form and send it to the Footprint Trust by the end of August 2006.

Using the results of the survey, options for reusing, recycling and disposing of each major type of waste will be researched, taking into account costs and benefits to business. The infrastructure requirements to enable the separation, collection and processing of waste will also be identified, in order to maximise recycling and reuse.

Because of the additional costs of transporting recyclable waste to mainland processing sites, a greater emphasis will be put on the local reuse and marketing of materials in innovative and enterprising ways.

The project is in its infancy but it is hoped that it will lead to similar reductions in the land filling of commercial waste to those that have been seen for household waste.


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