Help the Planet

The Footprint Trust was set up to reduce the carbon output of the Isle of Wight to ensure we do our bit to reduce global warming.

The happy coincidence is that often using less, means paying less too, so you can save your pennies as well as the planet!

Our message to everyone therefore, is to look at what can be done in your own home first, there are often some easy wins, for instance…

  • Think about how your home is heated, is the system controllable, efficient, well serviced?
  • How well does your home retain the heat?
  • Is water used efficiently?
  • What items do you need running, using energy, costing money –  can savings be made?  
  • Does your family understand the savings that can be made, help them understand the benefits of saving money and energy.  These are skills they will thank you for later. 
  • Do you all recycle well? …  Do you buy fresh goods locally? … Use items made from recycled materials?

Have a conversation with us about ways in which you can look again at making savings around the home.  Call us on 01983 822282 or email

Think too about how you work, how you get there and how your business can work to improve its footprint.

  • Can more be done from home to save on journeys? 
  • Is your car running efficiently, or could you in use an Electric Vehicle?