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    Footprint Trust Press Release - Date: 22/03/11

    British Gas praised over free insulation scheme for all…

    In the week that the energy regulator slammed the major power companies for unclear billing the Island’s Footprint Trust has praised British Gas.

    British Gas is offering all its current customers free cavity wall insulation or free loft insulation. This is normally only available to households in receipt of benefit or allowances or over 70 years of age.

    “Cavity wall insulation could save over £110 each year on energy bills and unlike loft insulation can not be carried out by DIY enthusiasts.”
    Said Ray Harrington-Vail of the Footprint Trust.

    For people who are not British Gas customer but are 70 or over, or on one of the qualifying benefits or allowances, the Footprint Trust can offer free or cheap loft and cavity wall insulation via it’s Energetic Project.
    “Insulation, locks in heat, so householders won't need to have heating on as much to stay warm. It's not just a one-off saving either; it helps to save
    money year after year, now is the time to get ready for next winter...”
    The Footprint Trust offers all British Gas customers a free home visit to look for ways of reducing their energy bills. The Trust’s Energetic Project visits children’s centres, church and community groups to chat to their members about reducing their energy costs. To find out more please contact Ray Harrington-Vail or Don Roe on 82-22-82 or email don@footprint-trust.co.uk
    The Energetic project has been funded by the ScottishPower Energy People Trust.
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    We are not responsible for the content of external websites.

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