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    Footprint Trust Press Release - Date: 11/11/08

    Adopt-A-Gardener gets a free butt

    Those taking part in the Footprint Trustís Adopt-A-Garden Scheme are being offered free water butts thanks to Southern Water. Pictured is Terry Williams who has Ďadoptedí a garden in Lake. *

    To date over 70 households are signed up a total of 90 people interested. So far the Footprint Trust has matched up 15 pairs so far.

    The Trust is still looking for would-be gardeners seeking a growing space anywhere on the Island. Gardens suitable for growing vegetables are also being looked for, particularly in the Ventnor area. For more information contact the Footprint Trust 82-22-82. Or visit their website www.footprint-trust.co.uk
    It is the case that many Islanders can no longer look after their gardens due to ill health or old age. Volunteers to assist with this growing problem are hard to come by, but ironically there is an increased interest in gardening amongst younger people, many of whom have small gardens or no gardens at all. There is also a waiting list of over 250 people for Isle of Wight Council allotments. The Isle of Wight Council endorses the scheme and encourages anyone currently on the allotment waiting list to consider this innovative alternative.
    The scheme has been featured on BBC TV South Today, BBC Radio 2, Radio Solent, IW Radio, Angel Radio and a German radio network. Interest has been shown from BBC Inside Out, River Cottage & The One Show. The Trust hopes to work with mainland organisations following the success of the Isle of Wight pilot. Several mainland councils and charities have expressed an interest.


    *Editors : Picture available please email ray@footprint-trust.co.yk

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    We are not responsible for the content of external websites.

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