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    Footprint Trust Press Release - Date: 25/02/09

    “Support wind farm ” says Footprint Trust

    The Island’s Footprint Trust, who are leading supporters of the Council’s Eco-Island vision, are backing the proposed small wind farm at Cheverton. They have teamed up with the local pro-wind Island Turbines Action Group - ITAG to state their support.

    “Over 1,000 people have expressed support for the proposed wind farm and over 800 people have signed the Downing Street petition in favour of wind power on the Isle of Wight. “ -


    “It is important that all those who back wind register that support with the Isle of Wight Council’s Planning department, which must be done by close of business on Friday 27th February.”


    Says local student Kerri Trickey who set up the positive pro-wind group - ITAG

    Speaking on behalf of environmental experts the Footprint Trust, Ray Harrington-Vail said,

    “There is no time for ifs and buts about renewable energy. By 2020, the Isle of Wight aims to have the lowest carbon footprint in England. The proposed wind turbines on Cheverton down will generate energy 85% of the time, providing for some 4700 homes.”

    “Over 350,000 tourists visited the UK’s first wind farm. Can we afford to ignore the 80% of tourists who want to visit one?” Added Kerry

    The message from those backing wind generation is that the turbines will pay back their carbon footprint in 8 months. They reject the urban myth that modern wind turbines are noisy.

    Ray added,
    “These wind turbines will not harm local bird or bat populations. Leading conservation and environmental organisations back wind power, including the RSPB.”

    “Wind turbines give a positive vision. They are a beacon - signalling the way forward to a conservation-minded future. We welcome the wind farm and urge those that care about future generations to write to the Council and support this move..”



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