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    Footprint Trust Press Release - Date: 02/01/10

    Saving the planet – the Caulkhead’s Guide

    Much debate is had as to the origins of the term ‘Caulkhead’ often wrongly referred to as corkhead – due to overners not understanding Isle of Wight dialect. Not to be put off by the ongoing controversy the Island’s Footprint Trust has launched an informative leaflet entitled ‘The Caulkhead’s Guide to saving the planet.’

    The guide was designed by local company Pinkeye Graphics and printed by Crossprint on the Isle of Wight using recycled paper produced in one of England’s last remaining paper mills. By using recycled paper the amount of waste going to landfill is cut and water and energy consumption in the producing of the paper is reduced by around 50%.

    The colourful leaflet, funded by the West Wight Landscape Partnership and the Footprint Trust, gives guidance on reducing waste and saving money. It also highlights grants available for insulating homes and renewable energy for households. One tip encourages Caulkheads to keep their fridges full by using clean polystyrene packaging or sealed containers. It warns of the dangers of expensive energy key and card pre-payments schemes, and urges readers to buy all their energy from one supplier.

    The leaflet will be available from libraries and can be ordered by organisations and individuals by phoning 82-22-82. It can also viewed on line at… www.footprint-trust.co.uk/seasontips.htm

    “The leaflet is not just about helping our Island’s environment and indeed the wider world – it’s also about saving money and thus helping people budget during the current hard financial times. ..….Overners and grockles are welcome to read it too!”

    “ The leaflet highlights the fact that The Footprint Trust’s staff are happy to visit people in their homes and give them free tailored guidance on ways to reduce their bills. ”

    Said Ray Harrington-Vail of the Footprint Trust.



    Tel 01983 82-22-82.
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    We are not responsible for the content of external websites.

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