Reduce the impact of your lifestyle

  • Heating – Insulate! Why pay to heat up the great outdoors? Hang thick curtains over doors and windows to keep in the heat. Fit draft excluders around windows and doors. Lag your water tank and top up your loft insulation. Turn your heating down by 1°c – this can knock 10% off of your heating bill. Wear warmer clothes indoors.
  • Water – Put a hog in your bog to displace a litre of water each flush and save £5 a year. Only boil the water you need. Shower rather than bath to use 25% less water and keep those showers short to save water, power and money!
  • Electricity – Use low energy light bulbs to save £10-£20 per year, the new ones are great and cheap! Switch off lights when leaving a room. Fill up empty space in your fridge or freezer with carrier bags filled with polystyrene. Don’t de-frost frozen food in a microwave, use the fridge. Turn off your appliances when they aren’t being used.