Reduce the impact of your lifestyle

The Footprint Trust’s Monergy experts bring you their Top 10 money saving ideas…

Crunch your energy and water bills!

Top Tips

Top Tips

  • Take the 4-minute shower challenge! Get your free shower timer from us
  • Turn off stuff that you are not using, such as lighting, chargers, TVs etc
  • Zone your home – only fully heat rooms that you use…
  • Get a free Smart Meter – no more estimated bills
  • Insulate your home – ask us for details of free scheme
  • Drying clothing naturally on a line or airer
  • Set your heating at 18 to 21 degrees
  • Get a new gas boiler, if yours is over 10 years old, ask us about grant-funding
  • Switch energy supplier every year, or ask your current supplier for their best deal
  • Fridge-freezer over 10 years old? Time to get a new energy efficient one!

Every year we help people on the Isle of Wight save thousands of £££’s on their utility bills.

These tips will not just save you money, but will also reduce your carbon emissions, making a cleaner world for everyone.

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