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The Footprint Trust has made a number of documentaries all of which you can view on links from this page.

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‘The Thin Green Line’

A documentary film celebrating positive action on the Isle of Wight

In a landscape often described as England in miniature, the Isle of Wight has many hidden treasures. Ancient woodlands, wetlands, rivers and grassland all make up a fascinating tapestry of habitats and landscape features. The Isle of Wight is not frozen in time as some might imagine - it’s a place of constant change and innovation with new businesses and organisations springing up to meet the challenges of the future.

Local community-based charity The Footprint Trust and Isle of Wight filmmakers Utility Films teamed up to produce a 60 minute documentary to celebrate all that is ecologically ground-breaking on the Isle of Wight. The documentary features individuals, businesses, schools and voluntary organisations that are doing something positive for their local community and the wider environment.

The film’s focus is on people involved in nature conservation, renewable energy, water and energy efficiency initiatives, reducing waste and recycling and community endeavours.

The film was premiered on the Isle of Wight on in 2011, and has been shown a number of times on The Community Channel, some 125,000 people have viewed it. It was also distributed on DVD throughout the UK and internationally. Schools, conferences, local authorities, voluntary groups and individuals were inspired by the pioneering work of Isle of Wight innovators.

You can watch this documentary for free on The Community Channel or you can watch some short clips here.

If you would like to give a donation towards our ongoing work towards Footprint Trust projects on the Isle of Wight, then please do so here.

The documentary is supported by The Southern Co-operatives, REG Windpower, Waitrose and Wight Salads who were keen to support this positive film.


During 2012/13 we made a series of programmes for schools also shown on the Community Channel entitled 'It Never Rains'.

  • The Running Man... A love story. Could he love someone who kept on putting her foot in it?
    A romantic tale from the Isle of Wight - will it end in happiness or is it doomed to fail?

    The Footprint Trust featured in the June 2010 issue of Island Business Magazine.
    You can listen to Ray in their video talking more about what the Footprint Trust does.


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