15 more Pond Wardens trained…

Thanks to funding from Newport Parish Council and the Southern Housing Group 15 more people have been trained as local pond Wardens. The group needed wardens to care for Pritchett’s Pond, Hinton Road, Carisbrooke and Treefields Pond, Binstead Road in Ryde.

The training included the history of ponds in the landscape, control of invasive species and the protection of endangered flora and fauna. The new wardens were told of the great threats to traditional ponds through the illegal introduction of goldfish, terrapins and other non-native species. They also heard that moving native plants and species could introduce disease and pest plants – so is best avoided. Those present were informed of the harm done to ducks, swans and other waterfowl through eating bread, including nutrient deficiencies leading to disabling conditions.

Speaking for the Wardens – their tutor Ray Harrington-Vail said,

“Pond Wardens have a passion for wildlife and heritage and give up some of their spare time to care for ponds. All members have been trained in the care of management of wildlife ponds…”

“We are always on the lookout for local people who can assist our pond wardens. It is important that untrained people do not act on their own as their actions, however well-meaning can damage wildlife. One example being homes for mallard ducks – whose large numbers can pollute and destroy ponds…”

Those interested can contact Ray at the Footprint Trust on (01983) 82-22-82. or email ponds@footprint-trust.co.uk