“9 More Years” movie premier postponed until April 22

A film premier which was going to be held in the wake of the international COP26 UN climate change conference, has had to be postponed until April, due to concerns relating to Covid.

The documentary movie entitled ’9 More Years’ is a joint project of two Isle of Wight organisations, local documentary film makers Utility Films and the Island’s Footprint Trust, a local charity that promotes sustainable living. The film focuses on what the Isle of Wight needs to do over the next nine years to prevent and combat the global problems linked to man-made climate change.

The documentary makers have interviewed local experts and politicians on their views on what needs to happen. Issues such as; insulating the Island’s ancient housing stock, sustainable use of water resources, electric vehicles and public transport, reducing waste and recycling, food and renewable energy are just some of the topics covered.

The film was to be shown at the Riverside Centre in late November but a new date has been set for Sunday 24th April 2022 at 7.30pm at the same venue. All profits from the showing will go towards The Footprint Trust’s work on the Island.

For Utility Films, Director David George said;

“Climate change is a global issue, but our film looks at what steps are being taken by our local politicians, Island organisations and individuals to adapt to a rapidly deteriorating situation. We welcome this opportunity to work once again alongside the Footprint Trust.”

Ray Harrington-Vail of The Footprint Trust said…

“Postponing the film has not been an easy decision to take but public health concerns outweigh all others…we are about caring for people and the planet, so putting people at risk is not acceptable.”