Action Days at Historic Pond

The historic Treefields Pond, on Binstead Road, Ryde is having some important management thanks to a joint initiative between the IW Pond Wardens, South Wight Housing and the Footprint Trust, which seeks to raise awareness about water and wildlife.

A family fun pond dipping event will held on Thursday 21st August entitled “Creatures of the Deep.” Local Pond Wardens will be on hand to show children and their parents the fascinating animal life that lives in the old pond.

On Tuesday 28th October, starting at 10.30am, volunteers from the Island’s Pond Warden scheme along with local residents will be removing the invasive ‘parrots feather’ weed from the pond along with rubbish and litter.

Speaking for the Footprint Trust, Ray Harrington-Vail said,

“The Pond at Treefields is an important historical feature which dates back at least 200 years. Originally it would have been used for watering cattle and horses now it is an important pond for dragonflies and newts. South Wight Housing is keen to see the local community getting involved in the care of this important feature.”

“Like many ponds on the Island and elsewhere in the UK it has been harmed by people dumping invasive plants and fish into it. Parrots feather is a pest species which pond experts would like to see banned from sale in Garden Centres. This weed infects a very high number of Island ponds. It takes a few seconds to put in followed by decades of ongoing management.”

Local people are being asked to assist in the ponds ongoing care by not putting goldfish or unwanted aquatic plants into the pond – as these can damage native wildlife.


Contact Ray on 01983 822282