Air Fryer Scotch Eggs

At our cooking demonstrations I show people who I make Scotch Eggs in an air fryer. They aren’t as complicated as you first think so I thought I’d write out the recipe and post it here.

Makes 4 Scotch Eggs

5 eggs
8 sausages (vegetarian sausages also work well !)
Breadcrumbs (from approx 4 slices of bread)


  1. Hard boil 4 of the eggs by popping them in a pan of cold water. Bring it to the boil and simmer for 5 mins. Drain the eggs and fill the pan with cold water to cool the eggs down
  2. Make the breadcrumbs by popping the bread in to a food processor and whizzing it up until they look like crumbs. Alternatively you can crush weetabix, corn flakes or crisps to use as a coating.
  3. Peel your 4 hard boiled eggs and put to one side
  4. Run a knife down each sausage and peel the skin off
  5. Put two sausages in your hand and flatten them in to a bowl shape. Put a hard boiled egg in the middle and carefully mould the sausage meat round it making sure it is fully covered. Repeat with the other sausages and eggs.
  6. Break the uncooked egg in to a bowl and mix with a fork.
  7. Dip each sausage covered egg in the egg mix and then in the breadcrumbs so they are fully coated, put them in the air fryer basket.
  8. With my air fryer I cook them at 180C for 20 mins – all air fryers are slightly different and you may need to increase or decrease the cooking time accordingly.

These are lovely served hot with baked beans or cold with a salad. They can be cut in to pieces, taken as part of a packed lunch or picnic.

I prefer using the more spicy sausages such as Lincolnshire or Cumberland. You can also chop up black pudding and mix it in with your sausages to add a different flavour. Someone also suggested wrapping the egg in bacon before the sausage and making a breakfast Scotch Egg, I haven’t tried this yet though !

Air Fryer Scotch Eggs
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