Alcohol Awareness Outreach @ trend

Newport’s popular trend youth café is giving away free Mocktails to raise awareness of responsible drinking.

“Mocktails are non-alcoholic healthy equivalents of Cocktails, which laden with calorie rich booze!” Explains Rachel Brown a staff member at trend.
“We are non killjoys, we just want young people to be aware of the dangers of drinking too much alcohol, and pointing out that you can have a pleasant drink without getting drunk.”

“Many teenagers are concerned about their weight and alcohol can be rather high in calories and can cause health problems…”

The Mocktail bar will be open at trend on Thursday 28th January 2016 from 3.30pm to 6pm

The trend youth cafe opening in December 2015 in Newport’s High Street, and this year has seen over 200 young people coming through its doors. The cafe is an idea from the Island’s Footprint Trust charity, known by many for its work with young people in schools and older people through its energy conservation projects.
This cafe is rather different from any other you are likely to come across. One reason is that it is specifically aimed at those aged 11 to 20 years old, the other being that it specialises in Upcycling old safe items into designer trendy items!

The trend youth cafe can be found 30 High Street Newport, Isle of Wight, and is open every weekday from 3.30pm to 6pm. It is situated opposite the Guildhall and 02 shop. You can call them on 01983 716766.

Speaking for the Footprint Trust, their General Manager Ray Harrington-Vail said,

“All too often young people are all too often depicted as being trouble on the Island, where in fact the opposite is true. Demonising young people by constantly going on about drunk and anti-social behaviour just creates an irrational fear of them. We are providing a trendy place for them to meet up and do something positive…”

“Increasing levels of alcohol abuse by those of teenage years, and younger, has become an issue in recent years. This in turn can lead to anti-social behaviour, crime and injury. The Isle of Wight is no different from other parts of the UK, in this regard. With the easy availability of cheap alcohol, and general acceptance in society of drunken behaviour, young people soon start experimenting.

The consequences can be mild to severe for those drinking under-age, or indeed those over 18 years old. An action carried whilst under the influence of alcohol could lead to the individual getting a criminal record or a police warning, which could affect their future employment prospects and career. Whilst under the influence of alcohol young people could be robbed or assaulted, young women are particularly at risk. At least, it could lead to a minor injury and some embarrassing behaviour. ”

You can find out more about the project at and follow them on or phone 01983 716766.

The Footprint Trust has been awarded funding by the Isle of Wight Council’s Youth Offer and the Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner, over a three-year period, to run the trend Project. To find out about all the Youth Offer projects see


The Footprint Trust was set up in 2002 to reduce the ecological footprint of the Isle of Wight, and achieves this by running practical projects, that help people and the local environment. The charity was recently was given the Queen’s Award for Voluntary service due to its service to the Isle of Wight community.