Allotment Week – call for more growing space

The Footprint Trust is backing the national Allotment Week (August 11th to 17th) by urging the IW Council along with Parish and Town Councils to provide more allotment space where there is a need. It would like to see allotment space created as part of planning gain on new housing development sites. The Trust has praised the IW Council and Ventnor Town Council for their intension to create new allotment space for the Town.

The Trust would also like to see more schools develop afterschool Gardening Clubs, whereby parents and children could grow-their-own.

“Gardening is an ideal way of keeping fit and producing your own healthy food. It reduced foodmiles and children learn so much from it.” Said Ray Harrington-Vail of the Footprint Trust.

As with most parts of the UK the Isle of Wight has a waiting list for allotments.

The Footprint Trust launched its “Adopt-A-Garden” scheme this year –whereby those looking for a growing space are matched up with those who can no longer look after their gardens.

Speaking for the Trust, Ray said,

“The Adopt-A-Garden scheme is looking for more would-be gardeners. The scheme is in its early days but we have matched a few people up…….those joining the scheme are offered a free Waterbutt, donated by Southern Water..”

Anyone on the Isle of Wight who would like more information should contact the Footprint Trust on 822282 or email