Buying Stuff…

Turning an old upright piano into a useful shelf!

Before buying anything ask, “do I really need it?”


Reusing old CDs as a bird scarer!

The first ‘rule’ of being green is to use less. If you do need goods such as furniture could you get it second-hand or reconditioned?


Remember The 3 R’s of waste: Refuse, Reuse, Recycle!


Refuse to buy disposable rubbish in the first place. Only get things that can be reused and recycled, then make sure they are.

Recycling household waste on the Isle of Wight is easy…

Mobile phones should not be put in general recycling or sent to landfill….you can send them off to be reclaimed here 

Try and complete the recycling loop; purchase recycled paper products, such as loo and kitchen rolls, office paper and envelopes. Most supermarkets and health food shops have these available, or they can be purchased online.


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