CPRE offer Green Grant for Island schools

The Isle of Wight Branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) is offering Island schools the chance of obtaining up to £200 to help turn their green ideas into action.
The school pupils are being given the challenge to come up with ideas that benefit their school, community and the Island’s environment.

To encourage enterprise the pupils are being given the challenge to raise some of the money required for their green project. The local branch of CPRE will then match that amount, from £50 to maximum of £200.

Speaking for CPRE John Power said,

“We are very keen to encourage younger people to take action to improve their local environment. CPRE is keen to support positive projects which aim to make a better planet for future generations..”

The Island’s Footprint Trust is assisting CPRE in administering the grant and praised the organisation for its encouraging stand towards young people.

“CPRE has given young people a wonderful opportunity to help their local community and their school. I am sure the pupils will come up with some brilliant ideas. Ideas that have come forward to date include; vegetable plots, wildlife gardens, weather stations, wetland areas and solar technology. ”

Schools must be members of www.eco-schools.org.uk and be working towards the Silver Award. In order to gain a grant the scheme must qualify. More details can be obtained from ray@footprint-trust.co.uk or Tel 82-22-82.


Contact for Editors

John Power CPRE IW 299555

Ray Harrington-Vail – Footprint Trust 822282