Dumping your old computer this Christmas is so un-PC!

Large numbers of unwanted old computers, laptops are not being recycled or re-used b on the Isle of Wight or in the rest of the UK. In total some 12.5 million unwanted PCs or laptops have not been re-used or recycled by their owners. With Christmas just around the corner, no doubt even more old computers will be disposed of, to be replaced by the latest models.

Over 1 million computers have been dumped in household rubbish or in the countryside

One in four people takes their unwanted computer to their local tip

Research by Fujitsu Siemens states that;

“Electrical and electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the UK. Around 1.8 million tonnes are generated every year. The main component of waste electronic equipment is large household appliances known as white goods, which make up 43 per cent of the total. The next largest component is IT equipment, which accounts for 39 per cent.”

Local environmental charity The Footprint Trust, believes that thousands of serviceable computer are being thrown away on the Island, which could have a second life, and thus be diverted from landfill.

Speaking for the Charity, Ray Harrington-Vail said;

“Computers contain a number of metals and other materials that can be recycled, this reduces the overall environmental impact. However, it is even better if these computers are serviced, repaired and upgraded and then re-used.”

The Footprint Trust has teamed up with local computer reclamation experts, digitalrecycle.co.uk to encourage Island households, charities and businesses to divert computers from landfill.

All donated computers will have their data removed before being reclaimed or recycled. Local small charities will also be helped through a donation scheme – whereby they can get a free computer. Local students and households will also be able to buy reasonably priced reclaimed computers.

Every computer sold will result in some season goodwill to the Footprint Trust charity, as they will get a donation towards their work in helping Islanders to keep warm this winter.

“We feel this scheme is brilliant on so many levels. It diverts usable computers from landfill, reduces pollution, saves the world’s resources, supports a local small enterprise, helps local charities and will provide cheap computers to families during these difficult financial times.”

Added Ray
Peter Westmore of digitalrecycle.co.uk said,

“ We are delighted to be working with local environmental experts the Footprint Trust, they are a trusted local charity which helps people and the planet.”

Contact details;


Digital recycle
C4/C5, Bowcombe Business Park
Bowcombe Road,
Isle Of Wight
PO30 3HZ
Tel: 01983 537322
Email: info@digitalrecycle.co.uk


Picture available showing Mr Peter Westmore of digitalrecycle.co.uk
and Ray Harrington-Vail of The Footprint Trust charity with a computer on its way to a new life.


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