First tonne of computers saved from landfill!

Thanks to a big Christmas clear out by IW County Press readers some 100 old computers laptops along with associated computer peripherals have been liberated from lofts, garden sheds and saved from an ultimate trip to the dump!

The IWCP reported in December that large numbers of unwanted old computers, laptops were not being recycled or re-used on the Isle of Wight or in the rest of the UK. In total some 12.5 million unwanted PCs or laptops have not been re-used or recycled by their owners. Over 1 million computers have been dumped in household rubbish or in the countryside, with one in four people take their unwanted computer to their local tip

Local environmental charity The Footprint Trust, believes that thousands of serviceable computer are being thrown away on the Island, which could have a second life, and thus be diverted from landfill.

The Footprint Trust teamed up with local computer reclamation experts, to encourage Island households, charities and businesses to divert computers from landfill. The company is licensed by the Environment Agency, and has to comply with strict regulations on the safe disposal of any components that cannot be re-used. All donated computers have had their data removed before being reclaimed or recycled. Digital Recycle is also registered with the regulator for data protection.

“We feel this scheme is brilliant on so many levels. It diverts usable computers from landfill, reduces pollution, saves the world’s resources, supports a local small enterprise, helps local charities and will provide cheap computers to families during these difficult financial times.”

Said Ray Harrington-Vail of the Footprint Trust charity, that backs the scheme.

Peter Westmore of said,

“We are so pleased with the response of the public on the Island. To date we have also been able to provide a couple of small local charities with free computers…”

Contact details;

Digital recycle
C4/C5, Bowcombe Business Park
Bowcombe Road,
Isle of Wight
PO30 3HZ
Tel: 01983 537322


Picture available showing Robin Bowen of
with pile of computer destined to be reclaimed or recycled.