‘Fuel Poverty debate missing main point’..says the Trust

Over the last few weeks the national press, radio and TV news has been full of stories about the effects of rising fuel prices for vulnerable householders. The debate has mainly focused on increased fuel payments and how much they should be and how such money should be paid.

However Island charity the Footprint Trust says that the issue of poorly insulated homes has been overlooked.

‘….it’s bit like having a bucket with a hole in…you could repair the bucket… or just keep pouring more water in…’

‘Our housing stock is amongst some of the worse insulated in Europe. People in colder countries spend less of heating their homes than we do – due to the fact that their homes are properly insulated.’

The Footprint Trust’s Warmahome project will be attending the East Cowes Community Day on Saturday 6th September and the Newport Classic Car Show on Saturday 13th September to highlight grants available to insulate homes in response to the increased domestic fuel prices. In October they will be holding three energy events and different venues to bring home the message of energy efficiency thanks to funding from the Big Lottery and the IW Council.


More info on fuel poverty can be found here….