Fund raising idea that takes some licking!

The Island’s Footprint Trust charity has come up with yet another novel way of raising funds to help expand its work. The charity already collects computers, mobile phones, broken jewellery and foreign currency. But now it’s asking people to dive into lofts and delve into cupboards and find their childhood stamp albums!

Ray Harrington-Vail of the Trust explains,
“Many stamp collections are not worth a great deal as they are full of common stamps, when sold they only raise a few pounds, if that. For a charity all those small amounts can add up to a decent amount of money. The longer stamps hang around the more chance of them being damaged by damp etc. ”

“Many people, such as myself, were hoping our children might take up our hobby, but they have shown no interest, preferring to go on computers than collect stamps! I gave away my childhood collection of foreign stamps to a charity many years ago.”

“I inherited my father’s collection of stamps some time back, they have sat in a box. Now is the time for them to go. These are now to be donated to The Footprint Trust, and I hope others will follow my lead…”

Businesses and households can also support the initiative by just collecting used postage stamps, cut from envelopes and packaging, just making sure that 1cm of paper is left around the edge of the stamp.
The Trust will use the money raised to help fund its popular Adopt-A-Garden scheme.

Stamp collections, in albums or loose, can be left at the Riverside Centre, Newport Quay. The Trust can also collect collections and computers when travelling around the Island, as part of their work. email ray@footprint-trust or tel or text (01983) 822282.


The Footprint Trust is a charity based on the Isle of Wight. The organisation was founded in 2002 and delivers practical projects which help people and the environment. In 2013 they were given the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service for their pioneering work. More information about their work can be found on their website