Getting growing, cooking and eating with Adopt-A-Garden!

The Island’s popular Adopt-A-Garden scheme is turning over a new leaf, and offering yet more help to those who want to grow their own food. Thanks to funding from the IW NHS, The Footprint Trust will not just be finding people a free growing space near their home, but training people how to grow their own food and giving free training on cooking!

‘Those signing up for this free scheme will be shown how to grow and cook their produce. We are hoping that whole families will get involved. Children love growing things and everyone enjoys eating!’

Said Ray Harrington-Vail of the Footprint Trust, who set up the original scheme back in 2005.

‘People taking part do not need their own garden. We can usually find them an unused garden near their home.’

‘Gardening is a fun way of getting fit and can be an ideal way of encouraging people to take exercise, who otherwise might not. Sport, gyms and lycra are not for everyone!’

‘It is a great incentive knowing that all this exercise is going to give you free, healthy food!’
Thanks the funding from the NHS the scheme can provide those joining with free seeds and training. The free training will be delivered in February and places and filling up fast.

“We intend to encourage, families, young people, single parents and individuals to take up gardening as a fun and rewarding hobby. We will also offer small informal workshops on how to grow and cook produce.”

The training will give people, including children, transferable life skills – as the course will cover budgeting – showing money saved by ‘growing your own.’ Gardening and cooking skills will also assist those attending for the rest of their lives.

Free places are now being booked for the course in the new year. Spaces are limited and readers are encouraged to book quickly.

For those without a garden, we will match them up with someone who can no longer tend their garden due to old age or incapacity. Both parties will have a free DBS (police check) before being introduced.

‘Gardening can increase healthy life expectancy, due to the activity being cardio vascular in nature. There is evidence that contact with the natural environment and green space promotes good mental and physical health.’

If you or your family would like to find out more please contact the Adopt-A-Garden scheme by phone or text on 01983 822282 or

You can also read more about it on The Footprint Trust’s website