Green Bling

Island homes retro-fitted with solar panel, double glazing and air sourced heat pumps.

There’s nothing like showing off how green you are by having some solar panels on the roof.

However, the first principle is to cut energy wastage, so get A* rated white goods and insulate your home.

Solar panels, heat pumps and biomass boilers are just a few examples of green power you could consider. They are not cheap and can take many years to repay the financial cost, but do help to cut your carbon footprint. You may get a grant towards the cost from the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Check the launch of both the national Green Homes Grant and the Green Island Grant, both of which are designed to assist with the cost of measures such as Heat Pumps, Insulation, Solar Thermal and more.  Follow the links above to check what is available, eligibility and suitability for what you have in mind, don’t delay!

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