Green Island Grants – insulate to save money and the planet

The Footprint Trust has teamed up with the Isle of Wight Council to help householders on the Island make the homes warmer and cheaper to heat. The charity is concerned that many households this winter will be making choices between heating and eating, due to finances being hit as a result of the Covid pandemic.

Green Island Grants is a new scheme which will allow householders on low incomes to access up to £10,000 grant funding to install a range of energy efficiency measures in their homes, such as insulation, draught proofing and renewable energy measures like solar panels, which could save them up to £700-a-year on their fuel bills.

“Around a third of heat loss from homes escapes through uninsulated walls and roofs,” explained Ray Harrington-Vail, from the Footprint Trust. “It is vital that we look at the fabric of the building first and make sure that walls are fully insulated wherever possible

“One of the most important things to consider when reducing energy wastage and cutting carbon emissions from the home, is insulation. The average semi-detached home could be throwing away around £360 per year through the walls, roof and floor.”

Under the scheme, the Footprint Trust will work with reputable companies, like J & J Crump, that will carry out a whole-house survey and inform householders what energy efficiency measures could be installed.

“Many homes will be suitable for Cavity Wall Insulation,” explained Ray. “This is one of the cheapest and most effective way to insulate your home. Householders and landlords can contact us on 822282 for more details…”

“There is now a product that is made of special expanded polystyrene beads. The beads are injected into the cavity which allows any water that may penetrate the cavity to drain away safely without compromising the material in any way. Every completed job will be issued with a 25-year insurance backed CIGA guarantee.”

“There are also options for homes with solid walls that are not suitable for cavity wall insulation, such as external or internal wall Insulation and for homes with flat roofs.”

“This is a great opportunity for householders that have a total household income of less than £30,000 to access up to £10,000 funding to make real improvements to their property. We’d urge people not to miss out on the opportunity and to get in touch with the Footprint Trust.” said Ray.