Green IW Budget praised

Footprint Trust praises Council’s ‘Green Budget’

Local environmental charity the Footprint Trust has praised the greener aspects of the Council’s budget.

Speaking for the Trust, Ray Harrington-Vail said,

“The Council should be congratulated on its promotion of bus use. The dramatic increase in young people using the buses, thanks to the 50p flat fare, is to be particularly welcomed.”

“The Council’s investment in cycle routes shows a clear vision for the future and will encourage more people to cycle.”

“The £30.5m to rebuild Cowes High School as a zero-carbon centre of learning is to be welcomed. This new complex will be water and energy efficient and will act as a beacon for other new-builds in the country. We welcome the Council’s commitment to sustainable schools.”

We are pleased that the Council has listened to our comments about rewarding motorists who drive ‘greener’ cars.

“We welcome the aim to explore the use of renewable energy for Council buildings and the desire for the Island to move towards becoming more self-sufficient.”

The Trust has recently commented on the Council’s One Island consultation and has expressed concern that issues such as wildlife and countryside were not being fully addressed. It also supported the Wind Farm application near Wellow, pointing out that there were no other sustainable options available in the short-term.

‘Issues such as dog muck and graffiti are an annoyance but they will not destroy the planet. Climate Change and failing to protect rare habitats could. We need to insist that all new buildings are built to a high environmental standard – the proposed Cowes Learning Centre is a fantastic step in the right direction.”

“The Footprint Trust is more than happy to give praise were it is due, we are delighted to be able to work with the Council on many worthwhile projects.”


Ray Harrington-Vail

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IW Council’s Budget

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