Greening Your Life

The recent ‘lockdown’ has made many people re-examine many aspects of their life.

Our air was cleaner due to less traffic, we had time to grow vegetables and to recycle. We experimented with cooking and made do and mended things. Many of us learnt new skills, which our grandparents would have already known! We were inspired by Colonel Sir Tom Moore, as he raised millions for our NHS walking in his garden. It brought out the best in an army of people, in a spirit never seen since WW2.

Many of us now want to see this more caring experience grow in the years ahead. We want a better world for our children and grandchildren.  The opportunity to build a ‘greener’ and more caring country is something many people wish to see.   

The Footprint Trust charity was founded in 2002 to reduce the ‘ecological footprint’ of the Isle of Wight, by delivering projects that bring about a more sustainable world. We have staff and volunteers who between them have over eighty years experience and knowledge concerning environmental issues.

We are being asked more than ever for sensible basic tips on how to become greener in our homes and daily lives.

So here are some guidelines; you won’t be able to do all of them, so just focus on the ones you can do, and that you feel comfortable doing. It’s not a competition! Be careful not to become too preachy about your new-found ‘greenness’, and be wary of supporting and buying into everything ‘alternative’. It pays to do some research, particularly if someone is trying to sell you something.

Click here for your first step on Greening your Life!

If you need guidance on reducing your energy and water use, then contact us. We save households around £290 per year, and cut carbon too! Tel 01983 822282  for a free home energy saving chat over the phone or in your home.

The information in this section is for guidance purposes only and should not be taken as advice, please see our full *disclaimer notice below