The fundamental aim of GreenLife was to promote sustainable living. It was launched in April 2003 and ended in December 2006, having reached over 13% of islanders. This was done by promoting the three ‘R’s (refuse, reuse and recycle) and encouraging better use of resources, by conserving energy and water. This project was funded by the EU Leader+ programme. It worked with the wide community through schools, community groups – such as churches, village meetings, fates and so on. One of the more popular ways of getting the Island population to be more energy efficient is to give away energy saving light bulbs and water saving devices (known as ‘boghogs’). Needless to say that when we attend public or private functions, the fact that we give away these items for free makes us very popular!

Another aspect of this project is our work in school where we involve pupils in carrying out an Eco Audit of their school. This in linked to our schools roadshow which focuses on resources.

We also offer free environmental audits of community buildings, with the aim of reducing their bills.

In more detail the GreenLife Project had under this umbrella heading; Green People; Green Kids and also Green Communities.

It was achieved through three mutually supporting activities:

Green People: aimed at encouraging rural residents to use low / no cost water and energy-saving devices and practices and to adopt waste minimisation and recycling measures.

Green Kids: a programme to environmentally audit the 21 schools within the area and to encourage subsequent adoption of new practices.

Green Communities: programme of environmental audits of community buildings.