Ignore planners and save the planet – urges Trust

The Footprint Trust is urging members of the planning committee to think about the future of the planet rather than listen to its planners. The Trust states that the Isle of Wight Council’s planners might be considered to be ‘backward looking’ and ‘out of touch.’ The Trust has supported the Council and defended its goal of becoming an Eco-Island. It has been very positive in the national and local media about the Council’s aims and successes in making the Island and the world a greener place.

However, the officers’ recommendation to reject the proposed small wind farm at Cheverton has been met with great disappointment.

“There are no sound environmental reasons for rejecting this application. It will do no fundamental damage to wildlife or habitats but will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and support future technology. The recommendation is both short-sighted and backward looking..” Said Ray Harrington-Vail on behalf of the Footprint Trust.

“We hope that councillors will ignore this guidance and vote for a green future – one which has renewable energy.”

“We can have wind power now and look forward to other renewables in the future. Oil is running out and coal is a filthy fuel that kills thousands of miners every year. It’s time to invest in all ‘home-grown’ fuel such as wind, solar and bio-fuels. We need them all, and can reject none, if we are to have energy in the future. Those who reject renewable energy are out of touch with what is happening to the world’s energy supplies and the changing climate.”

“Talk of tidal turbines is all very well – but that technology is a good 15 years away. Those preservationists, who are opposing wind power, will probably also oppose this technology when it becomes available.”


The Footprint Trust is an educational science-based charity, which supports sustainable development. Contact 01983 822282.