Islanders urged to act over energy companies collapse

Local energy experts at The Footprint Trust charity are urging Islanders to act if their energy company has gone bust.

The charity has pointed out that customers should not worry about loss of power, as gas and electricity will still be supplied even if their energy supplier goes out of business.  The gas and electricity regulator, Ofgem, will move them to a new supplier and this usually takes a few weeks.

The Trust has said that people should wait for the new supplier to contact them. They’ll explain what will happen with the account. You should only contact your new supplier if you don’t hear from them within 2 weeks.

These are the most recent companies to have gone out of business along with the energy supplier who has taken over the accounts.

People’s Energy British Gas
Utility Point EDF
MoneyPlus Energy British Gas
PFP Energy British Gas
HUB Energy E.On Next
Avro Energy Octopus
Green Supplier Limited (‘Green’) Shell Energy
Enstroga E.On Next
Igloo Energy E.On Next
Symbio Energy E.On Next
  table updated 5/10/2021

Speaking on behalf of the Trust, their General manager Ray Harrington-Vail said;

“The most important thing to if you have an online account, is to log into it, check your balance and download any bills. Keep all your old bills as these can help prove your payment history and to get back any overpayment.”

“Take a photo of your meter readings or take a note of it. If you pay by direct debit, don’t cancel it straight away. Wait until your new account is set up before you cancel it. If you pay by card or key meter keep topping up and keep your receipts.”

“Lastly, do not Switch to another energy company immediately this could lead to records and credit being lost. Wait until the new supplier contact you. The customer than has the choice of staying with them, or Switching to an alternative supplier.”

The Trust is also reminding energy customers that paying by Direct Debit is a cheaper and easier option rather than paying by pre-payment meters, and that Smart meters prevent estimated bills, for those not able to easily read their meters. These are free from your energy supplier.  Anyone struggling with their utility bills or needs any guidance or reassurance can call the Trust on (01983) 822282.