Islanders urged to take action on Energy price hike…

The local Footprint Trust charity has declared 31 March ‘Island Meter Reading Day’.

The local charity which gives free help and guidance on domestic utility bills, has warned Islanders that it is essential that they take gas and electricity meter reading before the massive price increase coming in effect – ironically on April Fools Day.

Ray from the Trust explains,

“For those customers who have old non-smart meters it is important to take a meter readings on 31st March and to submit that reading. This way they will be charged for the current cheaper rate, prior to the increase on 1st April. This does not apply to those on a deal that goes on beyond 31st March, but is very relevant for those on the default standard tariff.

If your home has an old design non-smart pre-payment meter, you need to do is top up as much as you can afford before Friday 1 April, as the price cap will rise by over 50%. The new expensive rates won’t be applied until the first time you top up following a price change. Credit added before then will be charged at the old rates.

“It is important to understand that the price cap is on the unit price of energy not on the total bill.”

“Be aware of anyone claiming on social media claiming to have found a ‘good cheaper energy company’. What suits one household is irrelevant for another, as we all have different lifestyles. Some of those making these claims are on commission, a fact they fail to mention. In all cases do not switch until you have received your Warm Home Discount, if applicable.”

The Trust encourages all homeowners to insulate their homes if they have not done so all ready, as this may bring saving of around £500 per year. They have also issued fuel-saving ideas for car owners, which could cut their costs by hundreds of pounds every year. Mark Russell who works for the Trust and whose background was in the motor trade has come up with his top tips…