Islanders will get more for their Monergy!

The Island’s Footprint Trust charity will be able to help over 1,000 people reduce their energy and water bills thanks to a windfall from the People’s Postcode Lottery, The Ebico Trust, Santander Foundation and ongoing support from Garfield Weston Foundation and The Beatrice Laing Trust.

“British Gas have recently announced a price increase of around 5% on their standard tariff, and other energy companies are following suit. It is important that people talk to us about the best deals available, and make sure that before Switching they check that they will not miss out on the Warm Home Discount for example…” Said Ray Harrington-Vail, the charity’s National Heat Hero.
The Trust’s WarmerWight team will deliver Monergy training to various groups of people ranging from local Women’s Institutes, Family Centres, community groups, Job Centres and churches.
“People will be given skills to understand utility bills, and details of how to use appliances and heating systems to best effect, which in turn saves money and keeps people warm…” Said Ray.
The Trust also offers a free home visit, where tailored guidance will be given on how to reduce energy bills, Switch supplier and get discounts on water charges, plus information on help available from other charities and government bodies. To get help from The Footprint Trust please email or ring (01983) 822282

At the home visit Trust staff will even call the customers energy company for them and sort out any issues, if the householder is unable to do it. They can also get free insulation for homes, saving around £200 per year on utility bills.

Monergy 2018 will be launched at Newport Riverfest on Saturday 19th May, and people are encouraged to come along and have a chat about their energy bills.
Over the last few years The Footprint Trust saved Islanders nearly £ ½ million on utility bills, and they hope to build on this success. At least 10% of Island homes are believed to be in ‘fuel poverty’ generally defined as homes that spend 10% or more of their income on energy.
“This means that they make difficult choices between heating and eating…” explained Ray, who set up The Footprint Trust 16 years ago to reduce environmental damage through delivering of practical projects.

“Your home has a big environmental impact and reducing energy and water wastage is something we can all do, but not everyone knows how…” Ray continued.

“We are very grateful to The Ebico Trust and The People’s Postcode Lottery and the Santander Foundation for their recent support, which enables us to help those in greatest need on the Isle of Wight.” Said Ray.