LESS GRIPE, MORE WIND… Mums know best

A group of around 20 island women have joined together to show support for wind power on the Isle of Wight. They are called the Eco Island Supporters Group and want to help make the island a centre of excellence with regards to renewable energy. By promoting a common sense approach to the issue of wind power, and involving people all over the island they hope to bring everyone together.

They are fully behind the eco-island concept and would like to help the council achieve their vision. Due to the speed in which we need to take action, they feel it would be unwise not to use what technology is available and working today. Which means embracing the use of wind turbines.

A spokesperson says,
“ Our main worries are Fuel Security and Cutting Carbon emissions.
We feel the government has not taken enough action yet to make the UK more secure with regards to its electricity production. We rely on some unstable sources to provide much of our oil and gas and currently generate very little of our own power.
By switching to Green technologies we can become more energy independent and also cut our CO2 levels.”

The island has some of the windiest places in the UK, along with areas in Wales and Scotland so it’s a very practical solution to harness the power we have been geographically given and use on-shore wind turbines.”

Infact, the UK is one of the windiest places on the planet, and it has 40% of Europe’s total wind resources. A very fortunate position to be in.

Other renewable energy forms, such as offshore turbines and wave/tidal power will in time, perhaps in another 10-15 years, supersede and possible replace the turbines we put up today. But currently these technologies are too far in the future to help us take action today.

They have been attending events around the island and have met with a huge swell of support from residents, who have been signing support letters that are being sent up to County Hall. The first batch of which were dropped in today.


If you want to get in contact or want some support forms please don’t hesitate to e-mail us on

For further information on the wind energy production please see our local island website www.islandturbines.co.uk