Love Your Home

Keeping your home in good repair and fixing draughty windows and doors is a priority. Most people in 50 years’ time will be living in our current housing stock, so we need to insulate it and bring it up to modern energy efficient standards. Contact your energy supplier to see if they have any ECO schemes, and talk to The Footprint Trust, as we may know of any current deals.

Try and keep room temperatures between 16 – 21 degrees

Ideally keep your home at 16 to 21 degrees, with lower temperatures in rooms you are not in. It is important to have some heat in all rooms to prevent damp. But do keep doors closed during winter months, to lock heat in your living room. If you’re fit and healthy go to the lower end of the scale. In all cases wear warm clothing. Don’t go on about the rainforest if you’re walking around in your pants in January with the heating up to 24 degrees! If you cut your temperature by just three degrees you save 1 tonne of CO2 per year! You also will save about £240…

A Smart Meter consumer display

Get your boiler or other heating system serviced regularly, which will keep you safe and keep it running longer and more efficiently.


With electricity from low carbon sources making up around a third of our national grid, we are all using some sustainably generated electricity, whatever tariff we are on. Currently, electricity suppliers are obliged by Government to buy some renewable electricity in the mix of sources. If you do wish to switch to a ‘green energy’ supplier make sure you use an Ofgem regulated site, such as Uswitch, to get the best deal.

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