Monergy help zooms in

The local Footprint Trust charity has moved its popular Monergy workshops online, in a bid to help people freeze their energy bills.

The Trust launched these helpful workshops 2010 and to date over 1,200 householders have benefited. Prior to COVID-19 various venues were used to deliver this project including; the local Job Centres, libraries, family and community centres, churches and schools.

The new on-line session lasts just 45 minutes with some time at the end for questions. Trust staff then offer a private chat via a ‘Phone Visit’ which has replaced their home visits. During this call tailored help can be given and details of other help available.

Mark Russell from the Trust explains…

“We use a fair amount of comedy in our presentation generally, as we recognise that the subject of energy and water bills is a bit boring to most people. We avoid “death by PowerPoint” and irrelevant statistics, and just get on with telling people how to save money and take control.”

“The session starts with the “Watts Up game”, where those present try and get electrical appliances in the correct order according to the amount of juice, they use…”

“We then have a chat about Watts and the cost of buying energy, the importance of Switching and turning stuff off when not in use, short showers, and correct setting of heating. The Warm Home Discount and Priority Service Register are also promoted along with discount tariffs and help available from Southern Water…”

The next free training is on Thursday 18th February at 1.30pm to get details readers can email  or call the Trust on 01983  822282.

The Monergy workshops are possible thanks to funding from the Energy Industry Voluntary Redress Scheme and the National Lottery Community Fund.