Mousemats give eco-message…

Thanks to funding from EU Leader+ and the IW AONB Sustainable Development Fund the Island’s Footprint Trust is giving away free eco-mousemats to all local schools, libraries and help centres. The mousemats are an alternative to leaflets, which the Trust say are often not read and discarded. The eco-mousemats are made from recycled car tyres. Thus energy, water and waste have been reduced in their manufacture compared to conventional ones.

Ray Harrington-Vail of the Footprint Trust said,

“These mats can sit by school and public computers and give details of useful websites on, water, energy, waste, food-miles and transport issues. The aim of the mousemats it to help reduce the carbon footprint of the Island. If people follow some of the guidance given they can make a real impact on the planet and on their wallets…”

“These compliment the work we are currently carrying out in many Island schools. Pupils and teachers are working together to reduce waste and seeking to make their establishments Eco-Schools.” He added.

Further details of the Trust’s work can be found at