New climate deal in Durban gives hope to Isle of Wight

The world decided on the ‘Durban Platform for Enhanced Action,’ which commits all countries to cutting carbon dioxide pollution. The Island’s Footprint Trust, set up in 2002 to reduce the Island’s ‘ecological footprint’ hailed the decision a success,

‘ In terms of keeping the climate change talks on track after it was feared no decision would be reached, we must see this outcome as a success…the danger was that no agreement would be reached and that the worse polluters would not make commitments to cut greenhouse gases…’

Said Ray Harrington-Vail of the Trust, who give guidance to the Council on Climate Change matters.

‘….this is the first time that the world’s three biggest emitters; the USA, China and India have signed up to a legal treaty to cut carbon….and that has to be welcomed…’

‘The Isle of Wight, and other small low-lying Islands, have a vested interested in seeing carbon dioxide emissions being cut. The Isle of Wight could become the Isles of Wight over the next century. Thus this decision gives the IW hope for the future.’

This is an opportunity for the Island to increase investment in green technology as the world moves towards a low carbon future. Encouragement of renewable energy installation and manufacture on the Isle of Wight is a must for a sustainable future. Insulation of business, council and NHS buildings along with households must be further encouraged. Individuals can all play their part by supporting recycling schemes and by growing or buying local food. Cycling must be made more attractive by providing safe routes, this would ease congestion, keep people fit and reduce pollution.

When it comes to future planning on the Isle of Wight, we must avoid building on areas likely to flood and ensure that driveways are permeable – thus allowing extreme rainfall to peculate through the ground, rather than overwhelming drains. All large-scale developments should have renewable energy installed and rain-water harvesting, where practicable.

‘It is all to easy for us to blame China and conveniently forget that about a third of all Chinese carbon dioxide emissions are the result of producing goods for export to the West, including the UK…’

To find out more about Climate Change visit the Footprint Trust’s website…