Peak Oil speaker to visit Island

An “Action on Climate Change” event is to be held at the Riverside Centre in Newport on Saturday 2nd February at 7pm. A presentation will be made by renewable energy consultant and engineer Jackie Carpenter on the subject of Peak Oil.
Jackie is a chartered mechanical engineer and an expert on renewable energy, especially local community-based systems.

She was the most senior woman engineer in Brown and Root, managing multi-million-pound projects. She founded the charity, Energy 21, “uniting action for renewable energy”, and worked for ten years as its MD. She was President of the Women’s Engineering Society in 2002 – 2003. Jackie set up her home in Stroud to run on 100% renewable energy and has recently moved to Cornwall to help create a new sustainable community. She is a freelance speaker, writer and consultant.

Ray Harrington-Vail of the Footprint Trust will be looking at ways in which we can all reduce our “ecological footprint.” This is part on the ongoing programme regarding Action on Climate Change started in 2006 the previous ones have attracted hundreds people with a broad range of ages represented.

Speaking for the Footprint Trust, Ray Harrington-Vail said,

“During the day Information will be available on insolating homes, high efficiency boilers and small-scale renewable energy. Grants are available for homeowners to modernise their heating systems and Warmfront will be there to explain the details.”

“ In the evening we are delighted that Jackie Carpenter has agreed to speak – it will be well worth hearing what she has to say on the forthcoming oil crises. Most people seem unaware that the half of all the world’s oil is set to be used up within the next couple of years. This may lead to higher fuel costs and increase in prices of food and other essentials. We need to be prepared for this and make plans to use less oil.”

The day’s events event will be free and open to everyone. The Riverside Centre is wheelchair accessible. Funded by the EAGA partnership, Footprint Trust, IW AONB Sustainable Development Fund and IW Council.