Archived projects

Archived Projects

Former projects run by The Footprint Trust

These former projects have now finished or been superseded by new schemes. We keep information about them on our website as it might still be useful – if you want to know more please get in touch.



Adopt a Garden

Water Works

Warmer Wight – Bee Wise on Energy

The Warmer Wight project was awarded a share of £46million from the Government to help reduce fuel poverty, boost energy efficiency, and encourage collective switching and purchasing in regions across Great Britain. This funding was used by local organisations to help keep people’s energy bills down and ensure homes are warm this winter, and in the future.

18% of Island homes are in fuel poverty –the highest in the Southeast, which means that they spend more than 10% of their income on fuel for their homes. This equates to just over 12,000 Island households.

“We along with the Council recognise that many Islanders are living in fuel poverty and have to make decisions between heating their home or heating a healthy meal… now something can be done about this!”
Said Ray Harrington-Vail of the Footprint Trust charity

The Footprint Trust gave tailored guidance on saving energy through home visits, along with practical help such as free insulation and new boilers. IW Community Action will be offering the chance to join a collective switching scheme, which could reduce energy bills by over £150 a year.

“Members of the public can also contact us directly if they, or someone they know, needs assistance. People must act quickly as this project is running from January to March 2013…”

“We would urge you to take the time to talk with The Footprint Trust to see how you, your family or those you care for could benefit from this project which is designed to support those who may be struggling to afford their energy bills.” Councillor David Pugh, Leader of the Isle of Wight Council.

One interesting innovative idea is that the Footprint Trust are to train people to be Energy Ambassadors – so they can help their friends and family save money on energy too, as part of their current Heat & Eat scheme.

Ryde Warmer Homes

This project has now ended, but we are still fighting against fuel poverty with other projects.

The Footprint Trust and the Isle of Wight Council teamed up to help people in Ryde fight fuel poverty. Staff from the Footprint Trust visited homeowners in Ryde and gave guidance on making homes more energy efficient. They were able to give details of grants available and tips on using energy more wisely to those who lived in their own your own home, or lived in private rented accomodation in Ryde (PO33).

Warmer Chale Campaign

Cold in Chale? You don’t have to be! If you are worried about your high heating bills we may be able to help… The Warmer Chale campaign can offer free home visits, grants to make you warmer, details of cheaper fuel offers, free or cheap cavity and loft insulation.

Nearly 70 houses and flats in South Wight HA properties in Chale are being upgraded with insulation and renewable energy as part of a wider community initiative. Arrays of solar panels can now be seen on roofs and air source heat pumps will bring big savings to the residents. Over 100 private households have contacted the Warmer Chale project and have sought guidance on energy efficiency and grants. To date some 20 private households in the Chale area have received grants or subsidised insulation. If you would like to find out more contact the Footprint Trust on 01983 822282.

The end goal of the Chale Community Project is that residents will end up with more energy efficient heating systems that give them warmer, more comfortable homes with the potential to reduce their heating bills significantly. With a project of this scale and complexity there will always be some teething problems but the project is absolutely confident that those goals can be achieved. The project team is doing its utmost to ensure that disruption for residents is kept to a minimum.

Anyone with any questions or concerns can call into the site office. The South Wight HA Project Officer has been heavily involved, as has the Community Involvement Officer. The scheme has been promoted through many ways, newsletters distributed, information in local media and a fun day and attendance at the popular Chale Show there are also five ‘Community Contacts’ who live in the area, and have taken part in specific training session in order to be able to help other residents. They are able to give guidance when needed.

A tremendous amount of work is being done in a relatively short time scale to ensure as much work as possible is completed before the start of the winter.
Although the project is just 7 months into a 2-year programme, in addition to the renewables installations, it has already achieved the following:

  • Reduced-price bus travel for Chale residents
  • 8 people in Chale are now almost two-thirds through a training programme to find out more about a career in the renewable energy industry. When the training programme has been completed, every effort will be made to help those wishing to find employment locally.
  • As a result of the project, Southern Housing Group and other housing associations on the island are looking into the wide scale installation of solar PVs on their housing stock
  • The project has recently received an International Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice which will be awarded at a ceremony at the Houses of Common in November.


The fundamental aim of GreenLife was to promote sustainable living. It was launched in April 2003 and ended in December 2006, having reached over 13% of islanders. This was done by promoting the three ‘R’s (refuse, reuse and recycle) and encouraging better use of resources, by conserving energy and water. This project was funded by the EU Leader+ programme. It worked with the wide community through schools, community groups – such as churches, village meetings, fates and so on. One of the more popular ways of getting the Island population to be more energy efficient is to give away energy saving light bulbs and water saving devices (known as ‘boghogs’). Needless to say that when we attend public or private functions, the fact that we give away these items for free makes us very popular!

Another aspect of this project is our work in school where we involve pupils in carrying out an Eco Audit of their school. This in linked to our schools roadshow which focuses on resources.

we encourage schools to get involved in the international ecoschools initiative.

We also offer free environmental audits of community buildings, with the aim of reducing their bills.

This project is no longer in operation.

The GreenLife Project is managed by the Footprint Trust, and under this umbrella heading falls Green People, Green Kids and Green Communities.

This project aims to reduce resource consumption and waste within the Isle of Wight LEADER+ area.

It will be achieved through three mutually supporting activities:

Green People: aimed at encouraging rural residents to use low / no cost water and energy-saving devices and practices and to adopt waste minimisation and recycling measures.

Green Kids: a programme to environmentally audit the 21 schools within the area and to encourage subsequent adoption of new practices.

Green Communities: programme of environmental audits of community buildings.

Many of you will know Ray because of lightbulbs! That’s because part of the Green People project is about telling people – and having them believe you – that things like energy saving lightbulbs really do save money. The best way to do this is simply by giving them away, completely free of charge. There is one available per household so next time you see us stood at the Spring Garden Show, Chale Show or one of the numerous other fetes, shows and fairs, don’t ignore us, come along and get your lightbulb! We also have free save-a-flush devices, you can have as many as you have toilets.

Ray works throughout community groups, including schools, Women’s Institute, church groups and so on. If you think your group could do with a little environmental ‘guidance’ (or perhaps even an audit – they are free) please get in touch.

GreenLife is funded through EU Leader+.

Business Waste

Trust to help tackle Business waste

“Waste, and its disposal, is an ongoing problem, and with the success in recycling household rubbish on the Island, the impact of commercial waste is of growing importance. It now forms two thirds of all waste, and 90% of it goes straight to landfill” says Don Roe of the Footprint Trust.

The Isle of Wight Council is taking a lead on reducing commercial waste and has started work, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, to produce a Business Waste Strategy. The aim is to reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal and to improve business profitability. This project will also take the opportunity to advise on the more efficient use of materials, water and energy, as well as waste minimisation.

The first piece of work is a detailed survey to identify the volumes and types of commercial waste generated on the Island. This work is being carried out by the Footprint Trust, a local environmental charity, in co-operation with major waste companies on the Island.

A wide range of commercial organisations are being asked to complete a survey form showing what, and how much, they throw away.

If you manage an organisation which produces waste, and you have not already been asked, please take a few minutes to complete a form and send it to the Footprint Trust by the end of August 2006.

Using the results of the survey, options for reusing, recycling and disposing of each major type of waste will be researched, taking into account costs and benefits to business. The infrastructure requirements to enable the separation, collection and processing of waste will also be identified, in order to maximise recycling and reuse.

Because of the additional costs of transporting recyclable waste to mainland processing sites, a greater emphasis will be put on the local reuse and marketing of materials in innovative and enterprising ways.

The project is in its infancy but it is hoped that it will lead to similar reductions in the land filling of commercial waste to those that have been seen for household waste.

Eco-wise Training – Skills in Managing Resources & Reducing Costs…

In partnership with the IW RCC the Footprint Trust is offering local charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises the opportunity of free training funded by the ChangeUp programme of Capacitybuilders.

The Footprint Trust is now arranging a free visit to the various workplaces to give individual guidance on energy saving, water efficiency, recycling etc.

They will also be imparting skills to develop an environment policy for those organisations. This in turn could improve an organisation’s ability to bid for funding or to tender to deliver services.