Isle of Wight Green Gym

The Isle of Wight Green Gym is an independent community group. With almost 15 years of weekly sessions; working to help improve the Island’s countryside through practical conservation work. At the same time aiming to improve the health of the participants through involvement in the sessions.

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The concept originated in Oxford in 1997 by a GP who wanted an alternative to prescribing traditional exercise and was launched in 2003 and run for the first 18 months on the Isle of Wight by The Footprint Trust. When the funding came to an end in 2005 the group became independent and has been run ever since by the group’s committee of volunteers.
Green Gyms have now an established and proven approach to creating healthier communities and a better environment.

The Island group is one of around 100 Green Gyms nationally, see TCV’s (formerly the BTCV) website for more information.

Over 400 people of all ages and abilities have taken part since the group started. They operate each Wednesday throughout the year at venues right across the Island. The sessions are held on Wednesdays from 10am to 1pm, check their Green Gym website for dates and locations!

To Contact IW Green Gym:

For Volunteering:

or tel:  07528 376399


For an enquiry about booking them:

or tel: 07866 360230

Very occasionally it is necessary to change the venue at the last minute, so please check the Green Gym website before the Wednesday to check!

Booking is essential at all venues, this is both for reasons of health and safety and planning tasks and is especially important if they are working in schools. For instance it ensures they bring enough tools and, perhaps most importantly, enough cups for the tea and coffee break!


Are you interested in involving the IW Green Gym in your project? If you are running a project, are the clerk to a parish council or are involved with a church, charity or another public body like a school and think you might like their help then the email address for this type of enquiry is or telephone 07866 360230. Email Mark Russell with details on how you think we may help the project you are involved with, or with ideas for a future activity. It is always worthwhile making contact, preferably before your funding is applied for, if appropriate, so as to incorporate their small charge and any advice they can give.

So how are they funded? Over the past 15 years they have relied upon help from many quarters to survive but primarily from donations. If you or your company would like to contribute or are looking to donate to an Island conservation organisation, whether that be financially or by giving old tools, please get in touch with us. Email or phone us on 07866 360230.

In 2009 the group was awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in recognition of the work achieved. The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service is the highest award given to local volunteer groups across the UK to recognise outstanding work done in their own communities. It was created in 2002 to celebrate the anniversary of the Queen’s coronation. It is the MBE for volunteer groups. In 2009 the IW Green Gym was awarded this accolade in regard to its achievements.

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