Pond Warden Scheme

The IW Pond Warden Scheme was founded in 1999 and in 2013 it became a project of the Footprint Trust charity. It has received support from a number of organisations over the years including; BTCV, Environment Agency, Southern Water, West Wight Landscape Partnership, Newport Parish Council, the Southern Housing Group, Spectrum Housing and The Footprint Trust.

We also have other volunteer community wardens that act as Cemetery Wardens and River Wardens. We are looking at launching a “Community Recycling Champion” scheme in 2016.

There are currently 100 trained pond wardens on the Island. They look after a mixture of ponds ranging from small garden ones to large lakes. The amount of work they take on is up to every individual.

We are currently recruiting Pond Wardens. You can go on our waiting list and we will keep you informed of any developments. To register your interest in becoming a Pond Warden, please fill in and return this form.

To find out more about the IW Pond Warden scheme, you can contact Ray Harrington-Vail by emailing ray@footprint-trust.co.uk

Pond Guidance

It is difficult to teach how to look after a pond from a book or via the internet. But below is a list of some useful websites that may be of help.
We can give you a warning about so-called ‘pond experts’, who will create needless work on your pond by suggesting a ‘spring clean’ is needed annually. Ponds very rarely, if ever, need ‘cleaning out’ – but they may need some thinning out of plant material and removal of excessive leaf litter. But this should be done in the Autumn, never in the Spring – when creatures are breeding.

  • You can read information on managing ponds for wildlife on the Froglife website
  • For information on aquatic life, check out ARC Trust.
  • If you looking for local suppliers of pond liners etc check our list of suppliers in our Wight Green Directory.
  • It is important to use native plants purchased from trustworthy suppliers. Avoid non-native invasive plants.

If you own a pond, but do not wish to train as Pond Warden, the Footprint Trust can give guidance, carry out work or create wildlife ponds.
We have a scale of charges for this service. Please contact us on 01983 822282 or email ray@footprint-trust.co.uk

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