Queen’s Award launches £500,000 Appeal

To mark the formal presentation of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service to the Footprint Trust on Thursday 26th September the Island’s Footprint Trust has launched a £500,000 appeal to fund its work over the next 5 years.

The Trust is appealing to many people who feel that they can no longer support some national charities following revelations of the high salaries paid to their executives.

The Trust runs a number of projects including; Warmahome, Adopt-A-Garden and Wardening schemes and the popular annual Riverfest on Newport Quay.

Speaking for the local charity, Trustee Colin Withers said,

“The Trust has been working for the past 11 years to improve the island’s environment and to help local people.”

“The Trust is recognised for its excellent work in helping those in greatest financial need, to obtain energy efficient heating systems, insulation and other assistance.”

“Since its launch in 2002 it has assisted and helped over 15,000 people, and we wish to continue our work and build on this success.”

“We employ a small team of expert people, who give impartial tailored guidance on energy matters in people’s homes, over our helpline or via email and the internet.”

We have very low administration and running costs and do not pay executives or trustees. Our staff receive fair salaries in line with local pay, and all of them choose to work more than the hours for which they are paid.

The Trust is appealing to charitable trusts, parish councils, businesses and individuals to support their practical approach.
Donations can be made on the website https://www.footprint-trust.co.uk/donating.htm
or by post to their offices at the Riverside Centre, Newport Quay IW UK PO30 2QR. For more information please call the Trust on 01983 822282.