Queen’s Speech welcomed by local charity…

Parts of the government’s Queen Speech have been welcomed by a local charity, which promotes sustainable living. The Footprint Trust runs practical environmental projects on the Island – including Energetic – which helps families and pensioners heat their homes efficiently, workshops in schools and practical conservation projects in the countryside.

New laws to bring down electricity bills for millions of home owners, force supermarkets to treat farmers fairly and the establishment of a Green Investment Bank have been welcomed by the Island’s Footprint Trust charity.

The announcement that a new Energy Bill will reform the electricity market across the UK to enable large-scale investment in low-carbon generation capacity was felt to be a positive move. The Trust felt that the proposed legislation for controlling emissions of new coal plants and the creation a new independent regulator, the Office for Nuclear Regulation, should be welcomed.

“There will be those who will seek to attack the government whatever it proposes. However, there are some good proposals in the Queen’ Speech, which should be generally welcomed by those who believe in a sustainable future….”
Said Ray Harrington-Vail of the Trust

However, the proposed Water Bill, which the government claims, will improve competitiveness and efficiency of the industry in England and Wales was written off as a gimmick that would not solve the issues around water shortages. The Bill would give public bodies and business the ability to choose their water supplier.

“This does not seem to be practical as water generally comes from within a few miles of the tap. It may be intended that it is purely a financial transaction between the water companies but if not, transporting water over long distances, in most cases, would not be feasible economically or environmentally as water is very heavy”

said Ray Harrington-Vail of the Footprint Trust.

To find out more about The Footprint Trust’s work visit footprint-trust.co.uk