Recycling and Climate Change – a load of rubbish?

The Riverside Centre is to host an information evening which will look at the links between waste, recycling and Climate Change. The Island is one of the top local authorities for domestic waste recycling. Shortly a new Gasification plant will come on stream which will convert combustible material from households and businesses into energy for some 2000 homes.

However, the Footprint Trust points out that the majority of households have not joined the kerbside recycling scheme and that a high proportion of businesses are not recycling or reducing their waste.

The event is one of a series, which have been organised by the local Action of Climate Change group in conjunction with the Footprint Trust. The date for the next event is Saturday 3rd May at 7pm at the Riverside Centre.

“Recycling reduces energy demand in production and thus reduces greenhouse gases. Reducing the amount of packaging used reduces waste and energy consumption.”

“We hope that those attending will pick up some useful information about the challenges of recycling. We also hope to challenge the myth that things being biodegradable are best”


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