Recycling fans needed to spread the message…

A new scheme which seeks ˜champions’ to encourage their local community to recycle more is was launched recently. The aim being to reduce the Island’s waste mountain and achieve zero to landfill within the next five years.

The Recycling Champions initiative is a partnership between Amey, the Isle of Wight Council and the Footprint Trust.

Led by the Footprint Trust, 10 champions have already been recruited, and the Trust is now looking for a few more to get the programme underway.

Speaking for the Footprint Trust, Ray Harrington-Vail said: “It has now become so much easier for households to recycle on the Isle of Wight. From the work we do, the public really support the idea that sending resources to landfill is a bad idea. We are now achieving higher recycling returns than Portsmouth, Southampton and Brighton and are above the national average but can always do better.”

“In the past we have received as many questions about recycling, and the desire for people to be able to do more. This is why we suggested a Recycling Champions scheme for the Island in partnership with the waste contractor Amey and the Isle of Wight Council. We hope that keen recyclers will sign-up and then promote recycling in their neighbourhoods.”

The Footprint Trust will train and assist the Champions, who in turn let their communities know what can be recycled, either via the household waste collection service, recycling centres or by donating items to local charities and other good causes. The free training will take place on Saturday 15th October.
Anyone interested in finding out more or becoming a champion should email or call 822282.

Paul Southall, Director for Amey on the Isle of Wight, added: “We work very closely with Ray and The Footprint Trust to help promote the recycling message. This includes the dedicated education programme that is already active within schools, and the introduction of our new mobile education centre and the soon to be introduced mobile recycling centre.

“Ray and The Footprint Trust are passionate about recycling and will do a fantastic job leading the Recycling Champions scheme.”

Councillor Paul Fuller, Isle of Wight Executive member for Environment, Sustainability & Local Engagement added “This is a great initiative aimed at finding recycling champions in our own communities.

It is really important that people understand the importance of recycling and the positive result this has on our environment. We’re really happy that the Footprint Trust will be engaging with the Island’s community about the impacts of not recycling.

“This is, of course, why the recycling and waste changes have been made on the Island; the council must reduce its waste to landfill tonnage which is ultimately a cost to Island residents.”

The Footprint Trust is an educational charity founded on the Isle of Wight in 2002. The Trust promotes the concept of sustainable living, which is achieved by delivery of practical projects, linked to the environment and the community. Over the past decade the Trust has delivered hundreds of fun workshops to thousands of Island children, raising environmental issues linked to the curriculum.

They have also ran the successful, pond, river and cemetery wardens schemes, engaging local people in helping their local environment. They are probably better known for helping hundreds of Islanders reduce their energy and water bills. As part of the local Youth Offer the Trust launched the Trend youth cafe, in Newport High Street, which promotes Upcycling.