Saving energy and solar power is the future ……

The Footprint Trust is to hold more of its popular Future Energy events. They have been running the events for three years and thousands have attended. This year the Trust will be focussing on energy efficiency through its Big Lottery funded Warmahome campaign. The charity will also be promoting renewable solar energy – as part of its mission to reduce the ‘ecological footprint’ of the Isle of Wight. Information will be available on keeping warm and well. The events are aimed at the general public and will be supported by a number of bodies including the Isle of Wight Council, Age Concern, Anchor Staying Put and the Pension Service.

At this sustainable living event there will be a focus on renewable energy, in particular solar power. Specialist companies will on hand to explain about the various different technologies that can harvest the sun’s power. Ground and air-source heat pumps, solar electricity and heating systems will be featured. Those attending will be informed about the government grants, which are available towards the cost of solar and other forms of renewable energy.

The events are sponsored by New World Solar and thus are free to the public and to charities attending. The company won the National Renewable Energy Installation Award for their work with the Summerfield Eco-Village Project this year. With over 30 years experience of fitting central heating systems they have translated all their expertise to the fitting of renewables and now offer a vast range of technologies which can be combined to provide the optimum energy solution for every home or business installation. The technologies they offer include Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Air Source Heat pumps and biomass boilers. With all the necessary accreditations they can access funding from the various government schemes.

The event is supported by Island- based which is currently working to raise the profile of the Eco-Island and to promote the installation of renewable energy technology across the Island. Working with individuals, public bodies, charities and business managers is involved in a number of Projects that should make a significant contribution to the Island’s sustainability in years to come.

The first event is at the Riverside Centre in Newport on Wednesday 28th October this will be followed by one at Shanklin Primary School on Friday 30 October. Both events will run from 11am until 4pm.

The venues have been chosen because of their commitment to the wider community and access for disabled people. The Riverside Centre and Shanklin Primary School will be promoting the events to their clients and parents. It is hoped that many people will benefit through reduced fuel bills.
Ray Harrington-Vail of the Trust explains…

“With rising fuel prices and uncertainty about fossil fuels in the future, householders and organisations are seriously looking at energy saving measures and renewables…’

“Harvesting the sun’s power is not just about producing hot water from tubes on the roof. Air and ground-source heat pumps can be an alternative to oil and LPG heating systems. Generating electricity from solar panels and then selling the surplus into the grid is also an option.”

“Grants are available to households, businesses, community groups, schools and churches to install renewable technology…there are solar systems already up and running at Medina High School, Yarmouth Harbour offices and Brading Town Council and many private dwellings.”

“Renewable technology could give the UK greater fuel security in the future, leading to us depending less on imports of oil, coal and gas.”

Ray went onto say…

“Climate Change is the biggest threat to the landscape, wildlife and people of the Isle of Wight it is about time we started to support renewable energy initiatives and insulated our homes…”

For more details of these events please contact Footprint Trust on 82-22-82 or visit their website