Sun shines on saving money

The Footprint Trust’s Energetic project is to hold more of its popular Future Energy events – only this time they are going down the gym! They have been running the events for the past five years and thousands have attended. This year the Trust will be focussing on solar energy – as part of its aim to save people money and to reduce the ‘ecological footprint’ of the Isle of Wight.

In addition to the solar energy theme, the Cash Low – Cash Flow initiative that provides access to information and guidance will also be available at this event. The events are aimed at the general public and will be supported by a number of bodies including JobCentre Plus, IW Council’s Revenue & Benefits Pension Disability Carers Service, HMRC, Tax Help for Older People, The Southern Housing Group and the I.W. Council Housing Service. There will be useful guidance and assistance on managing personal finances, maximising income, debt advice, keeping warm and well, whilst living on a tight budget.

Adele Harrow of Marston Group, one of the sponsors the event, said:

“There is a lot of help now available for people facing debt problems. We work with a variety of organisations who can provide valuable advice on how to manage debt and plan for the future. Unfortunately, many people with unpaid debts don’t take control of the situation early enough, which can make things more difficult for them in the long run. We are therefore very pleased to support this event which gives people free access to important advice services.”

Speaking for the Energetic project, Ray Harrington-Vail said:

‘We are holding these events in response to increased interest in solar power, energy efficiency and generally saving money, by providing guidance to people on ways that they can manage their finances. The recent increase in fuel prices has led to more people contacting the Trust and other charities. We believe these events will assist people in reducing their fuel costs and help them with budgeting…’

The events aim to;

· Inform about renewable and sustainable energy for householders, in particular solar power

· Raise awareness of the financial, health and environmental benefits of energy efficiency in the home, along with grants available such as Warm Front

· Help people manage their cash-flow – so they can avoid debt, get help with their finances, discuss housing related issues and maximise their income

Admission is free thanks to support from The ScottishPower Energy People Trust, who fund the Energetic project. The events will be on Thursday 10th November – West Wight Sports Centre, Moa Place, Freshwater PO40 9XH and Friday 11th November – Riverside Centre, Newport Quay PO30 2QR. Both events will run from 11am to 4pm.

The venues have been chosen because they are popular landmarks in their local communities. The Riverside Centre and West Wight Sports Centre will be promoting the events to their customers and the wider community. It is hoped that many people will benefit through reduced fuel bills, or by obtaining the relevant specialist guidance around cash flow issues having visited the events.

Special offers by the Council’s Island Insulation Scheme mean that all householders can get free or cheap insulation. The Footprint Trust will be offering free home energy-saving visits to those attending.

Specialist companies such as Engenius will be on hand to explain about the various different technologies that can harvest the sun’s power. Those attending will be informed about the free solar panels schemes and the tariffs paid by energy companies to householders who invest in their own panels. Thus consumers will be given guidance as to what offer is the best for them.

For more information contact the Energetic project on (01983) 82-22-82.