Thanks to improved communication technology people can stay in touch and get help and support. Our emergency services and NHS can deliver quickly and effectively. Caring about the planet is not about opposing beneficial progress or having an unrealistic romantic view of the ‘good old days.’

When considering buying the last gadget, as with purchasing anything else, ask if you really need it. Could you make do with less? Could you share? Could you buy reconditioned? Mobile phones and modern communication are lifesavers. It is important that old or unwanted computers and cell phones etc. are reclaimed and recycled due to the chemicals they contain. Like all electrical goods they must not be placed in the general rubbish. A number of companies buy good quality phones and smart devices, so sell them rather than leave them in a drawer.

A Smart meter in your home will help you monitor your energy use and could help you become aware of wasteful practices, it also means you will get accurate billing and help prevent under or overpayment. These meters also assist the national grid predict energy demand and match it with efficient generation.

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