The Thin Green Line – a great vision of the Island…

Over 100 people flocked to see the Isle of Wight Premier of the new documentary – The Thin Green Line. The film, commissioned by local charity The Footprint Trust and directed by David George of Island based Utility Films, was shown at Medina Theatre on Tuesday 8th November.

The Thin Green Line shows positive action on the Isle of Wight. The one-hour documentary succeeded in showing a good cross section of the positive steps the Island is taking to care for its environment. Amongst those featured in the film was actor and local resident Geoff Hughes, who spoke passionately about his love for woodlands, and the need to manage them so that wildlife and woodland owners benefit.

The great work of those helping to conserve native wildlife was championed by John Ralph of the Wight Nature Fund and the Island’s youngest Pond Warden, Kyle Woodford, who cares for the wildlife pond at his former primary school.

The Island’s dependency on imported water from the mainland was tackled. Laurie Tennant from local company Engenius Renewables spoke of the
project at Yaverland – the public eco-loo that uses rainwater along with wind and solar power.

The need for the Island to import less of its food and power was covered. The BKS solar farm was featured, which was built using mainly local expertise and labour. Jack Frost, Project Manager overseeing the installation new Biomass plant for Waitrose at East Cowes site, explains the sustainable technology.

Reducing food miles was addressed by looking at local food production from large farms, down to those taking part in the popular Adopt-A-Garden scheme. Examples of wise use of energy in farming, businesses and the home were also illustrated.

The Cowes-based Storeroom project spoke of the help they give to local people on low income, in providing reclaimed furniture, whilst at the same time diverting hundreds of tonnes of materials from landfill. Other re-using and recycling initiatives were focused on, showing what business and householders can do.

Local MEP Keith Taylor spoke on the documentary praising the positive activities on the Isle of Wight, and singled out the Adopt-A-Garden scheme as one that should be rolled out across the UK.

Children spoke of the need to care for our planet and Newport Primary School showed their successful cycling scheme. The need to depend less on cars, and to walk and cycle more was emphasised, with an appeal for politicians to help that happen, by providing more safe routes.

The Thin Green Line is an excellent reflection of the good things happening on the Isle of Wight, which could be replicated elsewhere. The DVD is available for £10 directly from The Footprint Trust Tel 01983 822282.

All profits from the sale of the film will go towards The Footprint Trust’s projects on the Isle of Wight.


To obtain a copies or clips of this documentary for TV etc please call 01983 85-25-40
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